Message Flow Integration


calendar iterations

Detailed project outline

Problem formulation

Integration of legacy systems usually involves asynchronous queues. A number of integration patterns apply to these queues. However, usually in the process of declaring these queues and programming the logic that combines the legacy endpoints and the queues in between, the high level architectural focus can be hard to keep, as too much attention is needed at the lower abstraction levels. We seek to ease the integrational process by providing a tool that automatically generates queues and logic from a higher abstracted model.


Software development in short, well-defined iterations. Clear goals for each iteration are defined in advance, but may be altered as we progress through the process.


The piece of software we have developed. A report describing the process, the problems we have encountered and the considerations we have made during the process.


The nature of the most basic elements of the project are as such:

Iterative development

For the time being, we are developing our software in an iterative process, more or less conforming to existing agile development development methods described in the litterature. However, please note that we are not trying to make this an assignment on software development methods. We are meerly taking an approach that we feel is logical and best suited for what we try to accomplish. We have described the various stages of development on the iterations page.

What's next

Further areas, that we likely may need to investigate after this includes:

Preliminary literature

Enterprise Integration Patterns - Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions, Gregor Hohpe & Bobby Woolf